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Absolutely amazing and life changing!! I'm so grateful for all those leaders and service people that accommodate us because I don't think summer is the same without Newday! Though what is the song called that goes "We are free to live as sons and daughters in your house We are chosen and invited to come in" -I've got those two lines stuck in my head

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Join us for Newday 2016!

Bigger & Better... Find out the key information in this regularly updated section about the 2016 festival, including where to hang out and how to book.

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Now it's your turn to 'Rise Up, Take Courage and Do It' in a new way! After many requests we've released the stems for 'Alive With Worship'...

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Serving at
Newday 2016

It takes around 900 volunteers to help make newday happen. If you’ll be 18 or over by 1st August 2016, here's your chance to get involved and help to make this year’s event a success.

Newday shop now live

Being an Everyday Hero is a huge thing for Newday. That's why we went and made a Tshirt...

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In discipling young people 'We need to start with young people's hearts not with their behaviour' - Gemma Buck #YES @newdayevent

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