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  • Newday Outreach Boot Camp 2015

    Newday Outreach Boot Camp will be an immersive experience of outreach and mission over newday week, with a vision to raise up the next generation of evangelists.
    Over the years we’ve seen the enthusiasm of many young people wanting to do outreach multiple times and often discovering a growing heart for the same location. We’ve also seen the huge impact of training to equip and enthuse people for evangelism.

  • Youth Workers’ Conference 2015 Report

    300 youth workers + Center Parcs + a packed programme of gifted speakers = 1 hugely successful Youth Workers' Conference. Meeting with God, getting equipped and enjoying time with your team were all part of the programme and the weekend didn't disappoint. Wayne Parsons, who leads the conference team, reflects on the 2015 event.

  • You made a difference

    Last year newday took part in a massive mission called Who Cares. 50 churches came together to ask one question ‘what hurts the most?’ and respond with the gospel. Newday was a big highpoint for the mission and helped churches engage with thousands more people than would otherwise be possible. Since then all sorts of great things have happened.

  • A Bumper British Summer of Sport

    What is the biggest sporting event of the 2012 British Summer (if you can call it a ‘summer’)? Is it the Euros, Wimbledon, or the England v South Africa Test Match Series? Or perhaps that little event called The Olympics? I can tell you the answer is none of these – it is actually, in fact, the week of sport at newday 2012!

  • Calling all Youth Workers

    Attention, attention. Youth Workers of Britain (and other places) listen up.

    The booking system for the Youth Workers' Conference 2014 is now live.

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    The newday 2014 booking system is ready and waiting for you.



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