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The Big Feed

  • #ND15 | Day One

    The big day has arrived. Who’s ready? Tents are up, cafes are open, blenders are whipping, music is pumping, rides are spinning.

  • Creative Arts is on the move

    Creativity and the Arts provide a means of expression, equip celebration, bring blessing and restoration. With this in mind the Creative Arts team have been invited to explore how we can greater enhance and serve newday.

  • Outreach Update | Video

    Rob shares an update on outreach for this year's event

  • A Bumper British Summer of Sport

    What is the biggest sporting event of the 2012 British Summer (if you can call it a ‘summer’)? Is it the Euros, Wimbledon, or the England v South Africa Test Match Series? Or perhaps that little event called The Olympics? I can tell you the answer is none of these – it is actually, in fact, the week of sport at newday 2012!

  • Calling all Youth Workers

    Attention, attention. Youth Workers of Britain (and other places) listen up.

    The booking system for the Youth Workers' Conference 2014 is now live.

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    The newday 2014 booking system is ready and waiting for you.

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