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  • Creative Arts is on the move

    Posted on 01/08/2015

    Creativity and the Arts provide a means of expression, equip celebration, bring blessing and restoration. With this in mind the Creative Arts team have been invited to explore how we can greater enhance and serve newday.

    Kate Green {name} Photo

  • Outreach Update | Video

    Posted on 16/07/2015

    Rob shares an update on outreach for this year's event

    Rob Tervet Rob Tervet Photo

  • Martha Collison has baked us a cake

    Posted on 11/07/2015

    Martha Collison from the Great British Bake Off has baked us a cake

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  • Newday Outreach Boot Camp 2015

    Posted on 19/05/2015

    Newday Outreach Boot Camp will be an immersive experience of outreach and mission over newday week, with a vision to raise up the next generation of evangelists.
    Over the years we’ve seen the enthusiasm of many young people wanting to do outreach multiple times and often discovering a growing heart for the same location. We’ve also seen the huge impact of training to equip and enthuse people for evangelism.

    Rob Tervet Rob Tervet Photo

  • Youth Workers’ Conference 2015 Report

    Posted on 24/03/2015

    300 youth workers + Center Parcs + a packed programme of gifted speakers = 1 hugely successful Youth Workers' Conference. Meeting with God, getting equipped and enjoying time with your team were all part of the programme and the weekend didn't disappoint. Wayne Parsons, who leads the conference team, reflects on the 2015 event.

    Wayne Parsons Wayne Parsons Photo

  • You made a difference

    Posted on 02/03/2015

    Last year newday took part in a massive mission called Who Cares. 50 churches came together to ask one question ‘what hurts the most?’ and respond with the gospel. Newday was a big highpoint for the mission and helped churches engage with thousands more people than would otherwise be possible. Since then all sorts of great things have happened.

    Rob Tervet Rob Tervet Photo

  • Book now | newday 2015 prices

    Posted on 31/01/2015

    Summer is coming & it's time to book into newday 2015! We've held our prices for the third year running, making newday great value. Here's everything you could want to know about how much it costs to come to newday 2015 ...

    Sarah Lohse Sarah Lohse Photo

  • Education Centre for Cape Town

    Posted on 27/01/2015

    In February 2013 I stood listening to my friend Anton Cuyler the founder of a growing NGO planted from The Bay Community Church and based in Vrygrond township in Cape Town, South Africa.

    Steve Morris Steve Morris Photo

  • Review: newday 2014

    Posted on 14/01/2015

    Wow... What a blast it was. If you’re aged between 11-19, a young christian or just curious to find out about the true living God, then newday is the place for you. Friends, God, worship, church, and lots more. It seems like the perfect place when you're there. I would recommend this event to people…it’s incredible. EVERYTHING is there.

    Beth Crowley {name} Photo

  • Interview with a Master Baker: Martha Collison

    Posted on 09/12/2014

    Martha appeared on this year’s Great British Bake off, reaching the quarterfinal stages. newday has asked her a few questions...

    Martha Collison {name} Photo