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What is newday?

Posted on 15/08/2012 by Jaz Potter

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One of our delegates wrote this reflection on what newday means to her, and we thought it was too good to keep to ourselves.

newday is a second home, as soon as you step through the gates you feel at home and instantly that ‘newday’ buzz is there. In a flurry of activity tents are thrown up, footballs are kicked around and food is wolfed down. Every year thousands of young people flock here, to learn about God and His word, to worship together in one place at the same time. It’s awe-inspiring, hearing so many voices raised in praise, full of excitement and joy. The seminars focus on specific subjects and help you to figure out the answers to some of life’s hardest questions.
newday is fellowship; spending time with your church youth group, meeting new people and making life-long friends. It is the place to discover more about yourself, who you are and what your purpose in life is. It’s the place to find out what it is that God needs you to do in life and to start taking the steps to fulfil it.
newday is helping the community of Norwich through the outstanding Outreach projects, We’re the teens in bright-red tops and most probably a pair of gardening gloves or a paintbrush in hand. Showing people that this is who we are. We’re young people who are crazy for God and want to live our entire lives serving Him.
newday is never-ending fun. Whether it’s riding on the newday Eye or eating one of the brilliant ice-cream sundaes from The Retro Café. It’s having a sumo-suit showdown or just full out raving at the evening gig. There is always something going on.
newday is a pair of wellies. Umbrellas and waterproofs are a necessity because here, the Holy Spirit isn’t the only thing raining down on us! Here, you’re seen as incredibly fortunate to have a warm shower, although sometimes the boys may choose not to risk it, all week.
newday is a home-away-from-home. Strangers become friends, friends become your family and God is cemented at the centre of your life.
By Kimmy Levey (Life Church, Hook, Hampshire )


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