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Here’s what you can expect from the time you book until you arrive in the car park at the Norfolk Showground in July:

1. Booking confirmation

You’ve booked your place online – you might have done this yourself, or your Group Coordinator, youth leader, mum or dad might have done this for you. Whoever gave their details as the Booking Contact when the booking was made will receive an email, confirming the booking and giving a booking reference and password, to enable them to log back into the booking. Keep this email – you’ll probably need it!

If you’re a Group Coordinator and you’ve reserved places in the Coordinators’ Office which you will pay for by cheque, you’ll receive a provisional confirmation of your booking by email. This will include details of where to send your cheque. Group Coordinators should log in to the Coordinators’ Office to make any amendments to bookings made there.

2. Confirmation of payment

If you’ve paid by credit or debit card, you’ll receive an email from WorldPay, confirming the transaction and giving a transaction ID.  Please hold on to this email too – if you have any query over your payment or about a refund you may need this information.

If you’re a Group Coordinator and have sent a cheque in payment of a large booking made in the Coordinators’ Office keep checking back to make sure we’ve applied the payment to your booking – it can take us a week or so.

3. Amending your booking

You may wish to amend your booking – perhaps you want to amend your personal details, volunteer to serve at newday, or add other delegates to your booking? You can do this quickly and easily by logging in to your booking, using the information in your original booking confirmation email. If you need any of your payment refunding, you’ll be able to request this online.

Our Bookings Team can send you another copy of your booking confirmation email, if you can’t find your original copy with its login details. Just .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

4. If you’re serving at newday

All those who’ve booked to serve at newday will receive their server paperwork email which is automatically generated and should arrive shortly after booking. This important email confirms your serving choices and is the document you’ll need to print, complete and return to us to enable you to serve, so please give it your undivided attention.

You’ll see it has a link to download and read our Child Protection Policy, as well as sections for you to complete. Please print a copy of the email and ask an elder/senior leader from your church to endorse your application where shown, confirming he’s seen details of your DBS check. You will need to sign the Safeguarding Declaration on the email. Once all this is done you’ll need to send the completed document to our Serving Admin Team at the address shown on your email.

It’s important to return this paperwork to us in good time before the event, so we can get your server identity badge ready for you. This will save you oodles of time queueing when you arrive at newday, so is well worth it.

A couple of weeks before the event, we’ll email you again with details of the serving team to which you’ve been allocated, including your team leader’s contact details, when to arrive at the event and when and where to go to meet the rest of your team and collect your server identity badge at its initial team briefing.

5. Your delegate letter

In July we’ll send an email to every Booking Contact with our delegate letter attached. This letter contains all sorts of useful information you’ll need to know about newday. Please distribute a copy of this letter to each delegate on your booking (or ask your Booking Contact to forward one to you).

6. Group Coordinators

We keep in regular touch with our Group Coordinators from the time our booking system goes live to during the event itself. As well as notices in the Coordinators’ Office, we’ll email every month or so with news and important information about bringing your group to newday – and more often in the final weeks before the event. Then we’ll keep in touch on site at the Norfolk Showground with our initial Group Coordinators’ meeting, and by SMS after that.

And that’s it ... time to pack your bags and head off to Norwich!

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