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Young people come to newday in church groups and we ask each church to nominate a Group Coordinator - a responsible adult who'll act as our point of contact before and during the event and who'll take overall responsibility for the young people in their group at newday.

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What is a Group Coordinator?

Young people come to newday in church groups. We ask each church group to nominate a Group Coordinator, who acts as our point of contact before and during the event. The Group Coordinator must be a responsible adult.

The Group Coordinator’s role

As a Group Coordinator, you’re vital to the smooth running of newday, particularly because it means the newday team can communicate directly with one person who’ll be at the event and has overall responsibility for the young people from that church group. We realise the job means some hard work, so in return we offer you a discounted place at newday (free if booked before the price break, 50% discount thereafter), so the sooner you book, the better!

Here’s a brief outline of what being a Group Coordinator involves:

Before the event

You’ll be given special access to the Coordinators’ Office, an area of our booking system which allows you to keep track of all the bookings from your church group and to make block bookings without entering individual delegate details at the time. You’ll also be responsible for:

:: checking you have enough responsible adults coming to the event to provide adequate supervision for your young people - we ask for a minimum of one adult for every six people under 18;
:: ensuring servers have returned the required paperwork; and
:: checking your camping space allocation and arranging your church site.

During the event

You’ll be our main point of contact with your church group on site. We’ll keep you informed of any important information via SMS, your Zone Host and the Group Coordinators’ briefing when you arrive. Amongst other things, your role during the event includes:

:: taking overall responsibility for your church’s delegates (including distributing wristbands and coordinating their participation in afternoon outreach projects);
:: looking after the church’s camping site (you’ll be able to arrive on site earlier than other delegates to give you a chance to get organised); and
:: dealing with Health & Safety issues.

We’ll give you plenty of help and will always be happy to offer our support, both before and during newday. Your first task is to register your details – and book your place via the Coordinators’ Office. Check out the other pages in this section for details, using the links at the top of this page.

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