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Shortly before the event you'll find details of the camping site we've given your church group via the Coordinators' Office. We'll also include information about how to lay out your tents, caravans and marquees, and our .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) is always happy to help when needed.

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Getting set up

As newday has grown, the number of church groups bringing substantial numbers of young people and their tents, plus marquees and fully kitted-out catering tents, has grown too. We know that Group Coordinators need time to set out their sites, take delivery of marquees, equipment and hired caravans - and often to set up tents for their delegates too - before newday kicks off and the young people arrive. We’re also aware that our own Setup teams work right up to the last minute to prepare the site in time for our delegates’ arrival. We’ve therefore put the following arrangements in place to try to allow you to get your site set up as easily as possible while we finish off getting the site amenities in place and the camping areas up and running.

When can I arrive?

All delegates may arrive from 10am on the first day of the event.

Group Coordinators may arrive from midday on the previous day. They’ll be able to bring with them up to 10% of the total number of delegates booked with their group (rounded up to the nearest whole number - it’s always hard to find that half-person when you need one…) and groups of 20 or fewer can bring three people, as we appreciate it can be a battle to get a decent-sized cooking tent up with only two pairs of hands.

If you need to bring your children with you, we won’t count your under-12s as part of your setting up team, but please be aware that the site won’t be safe for children until gates open for delegates at 10am on the first day of newday, so please supervise them carefully.

Group Coordinators’ briefing

There’ll be a briefing meeting for all Group Coordinators during the evening of the day before newday kicks off - we’ll email you with details before the event.

Marquees and other deliveries

If you’re arranging to have a marquee, catering equipment or anything else delivered to the site, please arrange delivery times so you’ll be on site to receive the items.


Smoking is not permitted at anytime inside buildings, marquees, individual tents and along the concourse.

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