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Every year I go to Newday to encounter God and I always do! Not only that it teaches me I can encounter him daily wherever I am! Always a good vibe

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Extra Information
for Parents/Guardians

Looking at the Newday website as a parent, you may have wondered about the practical side of allowing your child to come to this event. If so, this guide is for you.

Want to join us
for Newday 2016?

Find out more information about the festival, where to hang out and how to get involved.

Extra Information
for Churches

Taking the youth group along? Find out more about the next steps and the process involved before and during the festival.

Serving at
Newday 2016

It takes around 900 volunteers to help make newday happen. If you’ll be 18 or over by 1st August 2016, here's your chance to get involved and help to make this year’s event a success.

Absolutely amazing and life changing!!!
I'm so grateful for all those leaders and service people that accommodate us because I don't think summer is the same without Newday!
Though what is the song called that goes
"We are free to live as sons and daughters in your house
We are chosen and invited to come in" -I've got those two lines stuck in my head

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