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It takes around 900 volunteers to help make newday happen. If you’ll be 18 or over by 3 August 2015, here's your chance to get involved and help to make this year’s event a success.

All main event servers will need to provide evidence of a DBS Disclosure (or CRB dated on or after 1 August 2012).

Read on for some general info about serving at newday ...

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Serving at newday

There are loads of different ways you can help out. Take a look at the different serving options available, then book online and let us know in which area you’d prefer to serve. We’ll do our best to fit you into an appropriate team. Shortly before the event we’ll be in contact with details of which team we would like you to join, who’ll be leading your team and when you will need to arrive at newday for your initial team meeting.

When you can serve

You can serve at newday for any combination of the following periods:

Setup: from Thursday 30 July
Main Event: from Monday 3 to Saturday 8 August
Take Down: from Sunday 9 to Monday 10 August

Please note that if you want to serve during Setup you’ll need to book by midnight on Sunday 26 July. Although you’re welcome to serve, we’ll be unable to feed you during Setup if you book after this deadline.

Benefits of serving at newday

Being part of a newday team can be hard work… but is great fun! You can choose to work either full- or part-time, depending on when you’re available and which team you choose.


In return for being available for around seven hours a day we’ll give you a free place at newday and, for the amazing price of £20 we’ll feed you twice a day (lunch & dinner) in our celebrated restaurant: a cooked lunch and our chef’s abundant packed tea. (Of course, if you’d prefer to sort your own catering or eat with your church, that’s fine.)


Work around four hours a day and we’ll give you a 50% discount on your booking fees. You’ll need to make your own arrangements for food.

Please note that there’s no fee reduction if you just serve during Setup and/or Take Down but not during the Main Event week. However we will give you three meals a day for free during Setup and Take Down, and the food is just as good!

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