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  • newday global teams are a faith adventure! In 2013, teams will spend a week in Latvia (Riga), Sweden (Stockholm) Italy (Genoa) and Turkey (Istanbul and Yalova) experiencing a taste of what it’s like to plant a church/be part of church in another culture! Through being part of newday global, God has changed and shaped people as He has shown them more of who He is and they have discovered more of who they were created to be!

  • Simple! Rather than applying for a specific location, you apply to newday global 2013. Download, complete and return the application form to us. We’ll get in touch with you to let you know that we have received your application and will invite you to a:

    Selection Day
    Saturday, 27 April, West Croydon, London 10am – 5pm

    Here you will meet the leaders of the different teams and other people who have applied. This is a great day where you will be challenged and stretched in your faith right from the start! It is a chance for the leaders to get to know you a bit better and see if newday global is right for you and if so, which team you best fit into. It is also a chance for you to see if newday global is something you feel God is leading you into. If so, and once you have been given a place on a team you will be told which of the locations you are going to.
    newday global will take you out of your comfort zone but you will be supported and nurtured all the way by leaders who desire to see you live in all that God has for you!

    Don’t want to miss out?!
    Then click here to download the application form and send it, with a £50 deposit (cheques payable to Newfrontiers) to:

    newday global, Newfrontiers,
    91 Peterborough Road, SW6 3BU.

    If you aren’t able to print the form, please contact us and we will send you an application pack through the post. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Joanne Wells on 0845 8380858 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

    We’re really looking forward to hearing from you!

  • The Role of a Team Leader
    newday global 2013 promises to be an amazing time! We’re looking forward to all that God will do through and in the lives of the young people, team leaders and the churches and communities the teams will be visiting and serving.
    Team leaders play a crucial role in this; encouraging young people to step out of their comfort zones whilst nurturing and supporting them every step of the way.
    We’ve put together a few pointers so you have an idea of what’s involved in leading a team…. Please read on if this is something you’re interested/gifted in. We are looking for youth leaders from different churches across the country to come and be part of newday global 2013. If this is you we’d love to hear from you!
    Details on how to apply are below.
    Set Up of the Teams
    Each newday global team has a main team leader (who has led a newday global team before) and been appointed by the leadership of newday.
    Each team then also has two/three assistant team leaders whose role is to serve and support the young people on the team and work alongside the main team leader. The vision for newday global is to multiply the number of young people who are being sent to the nations each year and so we are looking for leaders who would love to invest in seeing this happen!
    Team Development and Pastoral Support
    Part of the vision of newday global is to create a safe place for young people to step out in faith, grow in their spiritual gifts and encounter God in new ways. We love that for many previous team members, newday global has been a defining moment in their journey with God. They have returned to the UK with a desire to know Him more and surrender themselves to the adventure He has ahead for them. A large part of the team leader’s role is to draw alongside people in this, particularly in the following areas:
    Engaging with team members, helping them to begin to process their thoughts and feelings and learn from all that they are experiencing. Giving time to pray with one another, ask questions, draw out what God is doing, help people to reflect on the experience while they are away. Alongside this, seeing the gifting in young people and giving them opportunities to grow into them.
    Ensuring that healthy, non-exclusive relationships are developed within the team and with nationals. Ensuring that as a team, good relationships and communication is developed with the hosts, so that they are served really well.
    Meeting Together
    Team times are a key element of newday global. Time is spent daily together to pray for and with one another and the area the team is serving in. Team leaders will facilitate this although not necessarily lead all team times.
    Helping the team to see the bigger picture and keeping the motivation going, envisioning and speaking faith into the team. Being an example of a prayer led, Spirit filled follower of Jesus.
    It is likely that at least some of the group will need some pastoral support at some point. The change of culture, living conditions and team dynamics will probably cause one or two issues to arise! You will need to respond to situations as they do arise but long-standing matters/big issues need to be referred to the person’s home church/youth leader after the team has ended and the person is back in the UK (newday global will give guidance on this). We require all team leaders to read and follow the Newfrontiers safeguarding policy.
    Staying Flexible!
    The basic programme will have been arranged with the hosts before the arrival of the team, although the nature of a newday global team is such that there will probably be last minute events popping into the programme, flexibility is part of the ethos of a newday global team! 
    While overseas, it is the responsibility of all team leaders to:
    •  Make sure that the team is safe and that the general welfare of the team isn’t being overlooked. Guidelines are set out in our Health and Safety Policy.
    •  Be familiar with the Newfrontiers Safeguarding Policy and Health and Safety Policy, and ensure that they are adhering to them.
    In the lead up to the departure of the newday global team the following is involved:
    • Attending the Leader’s Training Day on Saturday, 23 March in West Croydon, London.
    • Attending and helping to organise the Team Selection Day on Saturday, 27 April in West Croydon, London.
    • Once the team is in place we hope that you will keep in touch with the team to encourage, remind them to pray for your time on a team, get on facebook etc etc!
    The team leader’s fee is £399 which goes towards covering the cost of the team leader. Please see newday global page for what the team fee covers (this also includes the leaders training day). This can be paid in installments and needs to be paid in full by Friday, 14 June 2013.
    If you have read the information above, think that this role is something that fits with your gifting, and you would like to be involved in newday global 2013 then we would love to hear from you!
    Once we have received your application form we will be in touch to invite you to an informal interview at the Youth Workers Weekend.

    Please click here to download an application form. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

The details

newday global teams are hosted by church plants in different European cities so that you can have a real taste of what it’s like to plant a church in another culture! For part of your time on a team you will be involved in some way with the life of the church that is hosting you, possibly through children’s summer clubs, leading a service etc. You will also be out and about in the city as a team, prayer walking, worshipping on the streets, serving in other creative ways and having lots of fun!

Dates for 2013 are: 13-23 July (including training weekend).
Who’s it for?

You! If you’re 16-19, love God and want to adventure with Him.

Worried that you might not be able to afford it? We’ve got some great fundraising ideas.
What about training?
All newday global teams will be together for a weekend of teaching and training from the newday global leadership team just before the teams head out. Everyone will stay in the church building and food will be provided. Teams will then travel either by ‘plane or by train from here to their different locations for the week. This weekend is included in the team dates and fees.
Training Weekend: 13-15 July in West Croydon, London. The weekend will start on Saturday 13th around 10am.
Where will I stay?
Once in location, teams stay either in rented accommodation (villa/cottage), in a local hostel/hotel or with church families. Wherever you stay it will either be near the location of the church plant or the city centre and you will use public transport to travel around the city. You will always be travelling together as a team, so don’t worry you’ll never be on your own! You will be given the accommodation details before you depart.
Where and what will I eat?
Part of the newday global experience is to taste life in the local culture and so, as a team, you will sometimes shop for food locally and cook for yourselves. You will also eat at local restaurants and possibly with the church sometimes.
How much does it cost and what do my fees cover?
newday global teams in 2013 will cost £499 per person.
Included in your team fees:
• Selection Day (teaching/lunch)
• Training Weekend (teaching/food/accommodation)
• Return travel to team locations
• All local travel in location
• Accommodation
• Insurance (travel & medical). Please make sure you insure your own personal belongings.
• All Food & Drink
• Fun excursions planned as part of the programme
• Team T-Shirt
You may want to take some spending money but we recommend you don’t take too much as all your living costs are included in your team fees.
When do I need to pay by?
You need to send a £50 deposit (cheques made payable to Newfrontiers) along with your application form, this will be cashed once you’ve accepted your place on a team. We will then ask for a further payment of £150 if and when you accept your place after the selection day. You can pay in installments after this but the cost needs to be paid in full by Friday, 14 June 2013. After the deposit you can pay by bank transfer, it is essential that you always reference NDG in your payment.
What happens if I cancel my place on the team?

Newfrontiers will take into account each individual situation, but as a general rule, we ask that if you cancel your place on a team once we have booked flights and accommodation in your name then you cover the costs incurred.

What do I need to bring?

Once you have been accepted onto a team and told which location you will be going to, you will be given a more complete kit list (if necessary) but the basics are:
• Passport
• EHIC form (
• Bible, pen, notepad
• Sensible clothes and good shoes to walk in
• Sun cream/sun hat
• Insect repellant
• Swimming Costume
• Personal Spending Money (we recommend no more than £70, you won’t have much time or need to spend it!)
• Towel
• Water bottle
• 2 pin adaptor plug (if you have electrical items)
• Any medication you may be on
• Sleeping bag and roll mat
• A rucksack not a suitcase (we’ve found a rucksack is easier to travel with)

If you are bringing ipods, cameras etc please be aware that your own belongings are your responsibility and Newfrontiers accepts no liability if they go missing or are damaged. The excess on insurance might be more then the cost of replacing them. It would be a good idea therefore to take out your own insurance for your personal belongings just in case anything does happen!

Please don’t bring expensive jewellery or anything that is too precious to you.

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