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  • What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of worship? Music? Songs? Dance? Tidying your room? Surely you can’t tidy your room in worship to God?
    The Bible defines worship simply as putting God first in everything. So worship actually includes a lot more than just singing in the Big Top!  You can worship God by reading your Bible, praying, sharing your chocolate bar with someone who dropped theirs in the mud. And yes, you can worship God by honouring your parents and tidying your room!
    We all need to start somewhere though, so in this section we’re focusing on the ‘songs of praise’ part of worship and compiling all the useful things that will help you praise God with all your heart.

    So scroll down for more!

  • The newday album is far more than just an event souvenir. Why? First, we absorb a great deal more of our theology from worship songs than we do preaching. Second, for some it is a significant way to extend their faith to those around them at school and college, and a lifeline of truth and reassurance in what can be a tough academic year. Our hope is that it will be a source of encouragement, support and life to everybody who hears it.
    You can order the album from newday 2012 online now for £9.99. -

    But you don’t have to wait to share some of the great music. ‘Sun of Righteousness’, a new song written by Jules Burt and Paul Oakley, has been specially recorded as a free giveaway in the lead up to Newday 2012. Download the song now.

Worship articles and resources

Here are our most recent 'Worship' articles and resources from newday.

  • Newday Live 2014
    Well it’s here, the brand spanking new Newday Live 2014 album!

    Question. Why should you bother buying Newday Live 2014 from iTunes, when there are plenty of other great ‘worship’ albums? Well, here are 3 great reasons:

  • Creative Arts 2014
    Since we’re made in the image of a creator God, it makes sense that we are also creative. That’s why at newday we want to invest in all you arty ones, because that’s the way that God made you!

  • Let unanswered prayer rise again to you
    This line, from the song 'Breakthrough' really captures the heart of the song.

  • Fired Up and Inspired
    You've heard my thoughts on this year's Youth Workers' Conference, but what did your leaders actually get out of it? I asked a couple of them to share their feedback. Here's what Becky Richards and Rebekah Jenkins had to say:

  • Coming Soon: newday Songbook
    As well as tweaking and balancing our angelic voices on the newday 2012 live album, Sam Cox and co are working away on preparing a downloadable songbook with lyrics and guitar chords for all this year's songs.

  • Meeting with God at newday
    I’ve been going to newday for the last three years, and it never disappoints. Hearing so much amazing stuff about it from everyone who had been before, my first time there was anxiously anticipated. Arriving by coach, I remember getting this buzz upon my first glimpse of Big Top and pulling into the campsite, a feeling which hasn’t faded as the sight has grown in familiarity.

  • We Are Yours Album Review
    newday 2011 was nothing short of incredible. It was a passionate gathering, brimming with excitement, fervency, energy and faith.

  • Newday 2011 Guitar Workshop - Devotion
    Jules sings her song Devotion (You Will Always Be The One), taken from the Newday album 'WE ARE YOURS'

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