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About Newday


Our nation desperately needs Jesus. That’s why, for the past decade, we’ve been working hard to bring our vision to life...

To see God impact thousands

To play a role in stopping the drift in many young people’s lives.

We’ve had the privilege of seeing God do some incredible things in young people’s lives over the years: decisions to follow Christ, physical healings, deep hurts healed, questions answered, situations transformed, and lives equipped to live fully for Him.

We believe that when God grabs hold of a young person’s life, they have the potential to change the world. We call these young people our Newday Heroes.

Simply put, these Newday Heroes are our future. The next generation of leaders, taking the message of Jesus to the world: fathers, mothers, church planters, artists, entrepreneurs, teachers…policy shapers, movement makers, and courageous life givers.

Finding Purpose

Imagine what can happen when a generation of young people find their purpose in God and become an integral part of something bigger. A generation equipped and a nation transformed.

That’s why we want you to be a part of Newday. Together let’s rise up, take courage and do it.

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Key Events in the history of Newday

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    We are back!

    After a year of prayer and reflection and in light of the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, Newday once again moves online for Live & Online 2021 from 28-30 July.

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    Newday Goes Online

    With the Covid-19 pandemic ongoing, Newday moved online for the 2020 event and we had our first Live & Online with Newday TV, Tough Questions, #newdayprays and the Newday Experience.

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    Giving to work across the globe

    Newday has raised over £1m which has been given to the work of church planting, leadership and multiple projects across the globe.

  • 2014


    Who Cares?

    Newday is a key partner in the Who Cares? initiative where over 3,500 young people take part in one of the UK's biggest and most successful missions ever to take place.

  • 2012

    Newday Competing with Olympic Games

    The event had to compete with the Olympic games in London. The dates move to later in August in order not to clash with this historic occasion.

  • 2009


    Serving Local Churches

    The event moves to Norwich with a vision to serve the local churches across the county of Norfolk. Largest ever Newday with over 7,300 young people.

  • 2006


    Serving a new church plant in Derby.

    The event moves to Uttoxeter Racecourse to serve a new church plant in Derby. Thousands go out from the site each day to do outreach in the city.

  • 2005


    Thousands Gather to Hear the Gospel

    As part of the event thousands gather at Notts County Football stadium to hear the gospel preached by Adrian Holloway.

  • 2004


    First Festival!

    Our first year and the event nearly closed down due to weather conditions. Based at Newark Showground.

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All year round Newday offers support to young people, youth workers and local churches in running events - including Youth Culture alongside highlighting key resources through our social media channels.

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The Charge