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Every year at Newday some of the most exciting stories come from the outreach team.  Here’s a story that came to light when Rob Tervet (who heads up outreach) was a guest speaker at a Norwich Church:

A few months after newday last year I was a guest speaker at St Stephens in Norwich.  A lady called Sue came forward at the end to tell me her amazing story of coming back to Jesus after many, many years or running from God.  

She said something like this: 

‘One day I don’t know why but I just had this strange desire to go to Kings Lynn.  It takes two buses to get there from Norwich and I so got on the first bus which goes to Fakenham, but then accidentally got the wrong second bus and ended up back in Norwich.  For some strange reason I was still determined to get to Kings Lynn so I got the first bus again, and this time caught the right second bus.  When I finally got to Kings Lynn the most amazing thing happened.  These two young people came up to me and they were wearing red T-Shirts.  They said they had a message from God for me. It was amazing and had a huge impact on me. In fact since then I’ve come back to Jesus and it’s the most wonderful thing. It was like they were evangelists in training!  Can you believe that?’

You can imagine that I was so encouraged, especially because she had no idea I head up the outreach at newday.  I told her I knew all about those young people in red-T-shirts.

For ten years newday has not only seen countless young people’s lives changed by Jesus but we’ve also seen many people like Sue encounter Jesus through the outreach.  This year once again we’re taking coach loads of young people across Norfolk and Suffolk to share the love of Jesus.

There will be three afternoons of outreach off site, one as part of Who Cares Suffolk, and two heading into towns across Norfolk doing different forms of street evangelism.  The great news is that we can involve more people this year because can just book for the afternoon of outreach that you want to do.  It will, though, be essential that you attend the relevant training if you are going on outreach that afternoon.

Spaces are limited so get your group coordinator to book you in as soon as bookings for outreach open.

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Rob Tervet

Rob leads the Outreach Bootcamp