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ND19 Seminars


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We have a great lineup of seminars for you at ND19. Here's the full list...

***How to Pray (Prayer Space) // Host: Jodi Peek

The Bible promises that "when a believing person prays, great things happen." ( James 5:16). We are all hard wired to pray. We need to get to grips with the powerful weapon that we've been given in prayer. Come and join us this week to delve more into prayer. Come get equipped, get inspired, get challenged , get envisioned and turn it into a life of prayer.

Tue: Hunger for God // Anna Goodman

Wed: Intimacy & Identity // Mike Betts

Thu: Thankfulness // Jodi Peek

Fri: Persistence // Leo Powell

Sat: Unanswered prayer // Adam & Suzi Voke

***Helping others find God (The Depot) // Hosts: Rob Tervet & Jaz Potter

ND19 is just one week. What matters the most is what we do with the other 51 weeks of the year. This series of talks is all about helping you think wisely and realistically about some of the ways you can make a difference wherever you are.

Tue: Your friends // Jaz Potter

Wed: Your community // Rob Tervet

Thu: Our world // Andy McCullough

Fri: Our culture // Joe Macnamara

Sat: Your life // Rob, Jaz & friends

***Youth Culture (Youth Culture Venue) // Host: Wayne Parsons

A series of talks for all adults at Newday.

Serious youth violence is increasing, mental health issues are growing and sexual liberty is leaving more and more young people damaged - often dealing with the consequences online with exposure to the wider world. But we believe that the good news of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is timeless and the freedom He brings speaks into every age, to every area, to every issue and is available to all.

How do you get to grips with the real issues that are challenging and influencing young people today? We want to provide a better understanding, develop compassion and sharpen practical skills to help you love and disciple young people in a greater way.

Tue: The biggest issues facing young people // Interview with Ben Rowe

Wed: Serious Youth Violence & New Book // Interview with Ben Lindsay

Thu: Transgender // Andrew Bunt

Fri: Sexualisation & Identity // Emma Goulds

Sat: Contextualising the gospel // Joel Virgo

***Worship // Host: Simon Brading

How do we inspire ourselves to worship? By getting to know God and what he has done for us - worship is really a response to those things; ‘There is no authentic worship of God without a right knowledge of God’ Bob Kauflin. (Talk to him, read about him, listen to others talk about him).

Tue: In my Father’s house // Simon Brading

The Gospel is not separate to worship - the only way we get to come to the Father is through Jesus, and the access to the Father he has won for us on the cross. At the start of a week of worship seminars, we want to make sure all we do is grounded in the gospel, just as every corporate worship time should be.

Wed: Lord have my heart // Anna Brading

We can find the term ‘Worship’ difficult to understand - and even those of us who have been in church a while might struggle to define it. Worship is not simply singing, but is much more than that - God is after your heart. To worship means to love God, and express it in our actions or words. It’s our response to God and what he has done for us.

Thu: I don’t believe this is the end // Jake Isaac

It is easier to worship at some times than others. Singing about the goodness of God when things are going well is amazing - singing about the goodness of God when things are difficult can seem impossible. How do we worship when things are tough?

Fri: Why do we sing? // George Benson

Worship is more than just singing. So why do we sing so much at Newday? Why are such a large part of our church services devoted to singing? Why do we have worship leaders (considering they aren’t in the bible)? What about if you aren’t musical?

Sat: A Living Sacrifice // Neal Glanville

This is about all our lives being an act of worship. In view of God’s goodness and mercy, let's offer our bodies as a living sacrifice. Worship isn’t just hands raised, it’s a life poured out before Him.

***Disciple (12-14s) (The Arcade) // Hosts: Sandeep & Rhean Manaktala, Katie Virgo

Tue: Loving Jesus // Lauren Trigwell

Wed: Knowing Jesus // Sandeep Manaktala

Thu: Following Jesus // Katie Virgo

Fri: Sharing Jesus // Stephen Dawson


***Discover who you are (The Common Room) // Host: Jez Field

Aimed at 17 & 18 year olds, this series of talks will help us better understand how our identities are formed, unpacking who we are and what makes us that way.

Tue: Our Habits - We are what we repeatedly do // Jez Field & Wendy Stevens

Wed: Our Culture - We are what society tells us we are // Emma Goulds

Thu: Our God - We are who God says we are // Jez Field & Mojtaba

Fri: Our Friends - We are who they say we are // Jez Field and friends

Sat: Our Strengths - We are what we do well // Oli Stevens & Michael Bowley

***True Stories (12-14s) (Sports Hall) // Host: Martin Segal

Tue: Does Jesus really care about what I say online? // Martha Collison

Wed: Does Jesus really care if I have a boyfriend or girlfriend? // George Benson

Thu: Does Jesus really care about how I feel? // Taylor Reid

Fri: Does Jesus really care about what I do with my mates? // Dan Featherstone

Sat: Questions you've always wanted to ask // 12-14s Team

***Youth Alpha (Exhibition Hall) // Simon Munsie & Phoebe Guy

An interactive series to help you discover and deepen a relationship with Jesus. Discover how to spark life-changing conversations with your friends.

Tue: Is this it? // Youth Alpha Video

Wed: Who is Jesus? // Youth Alpha Video

Thu: Stories // Alpha interviews

Fri: Why did Jesus die? // Youth Alpha Video

Sat: How do I have faith? // Youth Alpha Video

***The Good Life with Rhythm Factory Team (Engage Tent) // Host: Jo Kyte

Journeying through the life lessons of Jesus, told through five New Testament parables.

Tue: More than #1 // Joe Macnamara & friends

Look better, feel better, be better. From perfect filtered images to motivational quotes and me-centric song lyrics, it’s no secret that we're in a culture obsessed with ourselves. But, Jesus calls us to be different – it’s time to look up and consider more than just #1. The Good Samaritan.

Wed: Homecoming // TJ & Femi Koleoso

We often label ourselves into two camps; the ‘rebel’ that feels too sinful for God or the ‘unseen’ who feels like they miss all the blessings. Sound familiar? Come and hear brothers TJ & Femi unpack the Father’s heart for two very different sons. The Prodigal Son.

Thu: Can you hear me? // Dan Featherstone & friends

Life is full of many painful trails. Ever get tired of asking God for the same thing? Find yourself wondering if anyone is listening? Are you close to giving up? Don’t lose heart. God has a plan – we’ve got testimonies of prayer and persistence to prove it. The Persistent Widow.

Fri: What’s with that salty behaviour? // Rebekah Walker

Question: is it actually possible to live authentically as a christian in a generation like ours? Living 100% for Jesus is a mix of freedom and transformation vs challenges and sacrifice. But, is it worth it? Rebekah investigates. Salt without taste is worthless.

Sat: The best is yet to come // Jo Kyte

If ‘freedom’ is the buzz word of our culture, why are we still so unsatisfied? Join Jo as she walks us through two radically different life paths – one with Jesus and one without. Do you know where you stand? The narrow gate.

***Tough Questions (Big Top) // Host: Adrian Holloway

Whether you have tough questions of your own, of whether you have a not-yet-Christian friend who is asking you, learn how to tackle the strongest objections & have your faith strengthened in the process.

Tue: Transgender? // Andrew Bunt

Why would God give male genitals to someone who feels like a girl? Is Christianity hostile to people who transition from the gender they were assigned at birth?

Wed: Suffering? // Steve Wilson

Where is God when earthquakes and tidal waves kill innocent people? What about pain in my life and my family?

Thu: Sex? // Andrew Wilson, Ben Rowe and others

Sex and how it is perceived with and engaged in by young people is a lot more complex than when Newday began over 10 years ago. This year in order to reflect that complexity we will have a shorter talk by Andrew Wilson on 'The Mystery of Sex', a panel discussion followed by the usual Tough Questions Q&A

Fri: Atheism? // Adrian Holloway

What about the teenager who confidently says: “I’m an atheist,” besides, how do you know that this whole God & Jesus thing is true? It’s just faith after all, isn’t it?

Sat: Mental Health? // Will van der Hart

Anxiety? Low self-esteem? Comparing myself to others? Self-harm? Panic attacks? Depression? Eating disorders?