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Child Protection

No matter which team you're joining, all main event servers must return their server paperwork. It's not as scary as it sounds - but take care of it nice and early to save yourself time when you arrive at Newday.

To safeguard young people and vulnerable adults at Newday, we ask all servers to provide us with some documentation before they join their teams at the event. Information about each of those documents can be found below.

Elder or senior church leader’s recommendation

Shortly after you book as a main event server, we send you your server paperwork email. Before you arrive at Newday you must print the email, then complete and return it to the address given on it. If you don’t receive this email shortly after booking, please get in touch and we’ll send you another copy.

DBS Disclosure

You’ll also need to have a DBS Disclosure, and there’s a section on the email for your elder to complete to confirm he’s seen evidence of this. We are happy to accept a DBS check from any referrer (e.g. you may have one via work, rather than through your church) - you’ll just need to show it to your elder so he can complete the details on your printed server paperwork email.

If you don’t have a valid DBS Disclosure, you’ll need to apply for one through your church. Ask your church Safeguarding (or Child Protection) Coordinator for details, or contact your church leader or administrator if you’re unclear who this is. DBSs can take some weeks to come through so please don’t delay. If you’re unable to obtain a DBS check through your local church, Newday can do this for you, for a nominal admin fee. Please contact us.

If you are from outside the UK and unable to apply for a DBS check, or have any other issues regarding your Disclosure, please contact us for details.

Safeguarding declaration

The email contains a link to the Newday Child Protection Policy and all servers must sign a declaration to say they have read the policy and agree to keep to the guidelines it contains.