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How to Book

All booking for Newday is online, whether you wish to come as a delegate or an event server. Our booking system will take you swiftly through the steps needed to book your place, taking payment by debit or credit card.

Your Church Group

Because delegates come to Newday as part of a church group, one of the first things we ask when you book is to select your church from a dropdown list. This ensures we give you camping space with the right church group. If you’re coming from a church outside the UK, please make sure you book with the church with whom you’ll be camping, if that’s different from your own.

Our database includes all the churches who have been to Newday before. If you can’t find yours in the list, this isn’t a problem – just get in touch via, so we can add your church to our database. All new churches coming to Newday are eligible for our New to Newday special offer.

Introductory church prices

Email with details of your church. We’ll add your church to the database and send you a discount code to use when making your booking.

Booking as a Group Coordinator

Group Coordinators need to register on our booking system. We'll send you a discount code to book your own place, which is free!

You’ll be able to make a block booking (make the most of the best prices by booking and paying for a number of tickets, filling in the details later) and pay by bank transfer if you’d rather.

Supporting your Church Group?

There are hundreds of adults who come to Newday to support their church group, whether by catering for the masses or simply acting as a responsible adult. No matter in what capacity you’re coming to the event, you must book in via our online booking system, and include all those you’ll be bringing (babies and young children included).

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Day Visitor Information

Day visitor tickets & prices

Newday is a five day event, and you'll get the most out of Newday by coming for the whole thing. If you just can't make it for the whole week, you can come for the day – or for a couple of days – if you wish.

You’ll need to purchase a day visitor ticket for each day you’ll be on site. Day visitor tickets are priced in order to encourage booking for the whole week, which gives best value for money.

Our day visitor prices are

Day ticket: £30

Overnight camping: £6

Things to note

  • There’s plenty of free car parking available.
  • One adult accompanying every six under 18s, please.
  • You'll need to be met at the gate by a responsible adult from your church group.
  • We'll ask for your contact details on admission.
  • We’re sorry, but day visitors’ children under 12 are not able to join our Kids’ Work.

Camping overnight

You can buy an overnight camping ticket If you come as a day visitor and want to stay over. However, you’ll need to make sure you can find somewhere to sleep on your church site, as we’re won't be able to allocate you with your own camping space. The overnight ticket is a contribution towards your use of the showers, loos and water.

Talk to your Group Coordinator

If you're visiting for the day, we'll ask your church Group Coordinator to send a member of their team to meet you and vouch for you at the gate. Days are busy at Newday, so do your church's team a favour and make sure they're expecting you.