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Newday 2020 is on. Live and online.

Over what would have been the Newday festival week, we will be hosting a series of online events.

Please see below for all the essential info & details...

Sun 02 - Fri 07 August 2020

The Schedule

Sunday 2nd August
8-9:30pm One Team Prayer Night hosted by @yth_cltr : YouTube & Zoom

Monday 3rd to Thursday 6th August.
8—9am #newdayprays - Start the day with prayer : Instagram Live
1—2pm Tough questions hosted by @yth_cltr : YouTube
8—9pm NDTV. : YouTube

Friday 7th August
7—9pm The Newday Experience : Digital 'pay as you feel' event.

One Team Prayer Night

8-9:30pm, Sun 2nd Aug

Ahead of Newday Live and Online, we will be gathering all those who serve on team, along with youth leaders, church leaders and any other adults who wish to join at 8pm on Sunday 2nd August. This will be a time to stop and pray: for the week ahead, for our young people and for the big challenges facing us as a nation.

We'll also have a time of sharing about the journey Newday has been on where we currently stand, including around the financial impact of cancelling the 2020 physical festival, and plans for the future. We'd love you to join us if you're 18+.

You can join in with prayer night by either watching on YouTube or joining through Zoom. See below for links.

Click here to join PRAYER NIGHT on YOUTUBE

Click here to join PRAYER NIGHT on ZOOM

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8-9am, Mon 3rd - Thu 6th Aug

Every day at Newday we start with prayer. This year will be no different. Though we won't be gathering in a cattle shed we will be gathering on Instagram Live each morning Monday - Thursday from 8am where we will be joined by special guests who will help us to pray for the big challenges we are going through as a nation right now and for the day ahead.

Click here to join with us as #newdayprays

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Tough questions hosted by Yth Cltr

1-2pm, Mon 3rd - Thu 6th Aug

Discussing the biggest issues facing young people today.

Each lunchtime Monday - Thursday at 1pm we will be joined by social guests seeking into some of the toughest questions in our such as sex, life online and race. We'll have a panel of hosts discussing these topics.

Click here to watch Tough Questions LIVE on YOUTUBE



8-9pm, Mon 3rd - Thu 6th Aug

We're excited to be launching Newday TV on YouTube each evening Monday - Thursday 8-9pm. A live show hosted by Rebekah Walker from the Newday team, joined by special guests and looking at the theme of Hope.

Click here to watch NDTV LIVE on YOUTUBE

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The Newday Experience

7-9pm, Fri 7th Aug

The Newday first night and last night all rolled into one. Hello Newday experience! We've got some surprises up our sleeves for this one.

This will be a 'pay as you feel' event. Once you've booked you'll receive the link to join the event. All digital ticket income will go towards clearing the financial deficit incurred as a result of cancelling the 2020 festival.

Click here to book your ticket

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