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Newday Internship

A gap year with a difference

We want to play our part in equipping the next generation in being passionate about serving God, so we are opening internship opportunities for you to be trained and equipped through a one year programme which runs alongside work, apprenticeships or university courses.

This is different to a gap year. We've structured the programme so that you can do the Newday Internship alongside whatever else you are doing; so rather than taking a year out, you do the Newday Internship in parallel to work or studies.

Whilst there will be the occasional day(s) in the week required, the main content will be delivered on weekends and at events. We want to build relationship with our interns and help expose them to some great leadership and theological training, as well as some practical work that the Newday team is involved with all year round.

We will be working with your local church and so you will need a leader's referral and a named person who will disciple you throughout the year. The course will also include an optional overseas trip.

We will help to place you into serving roles at Newday in the summer which will enable you to grow in your gifting and give you exposure behind the scenes of the event, this will all be discussed with you throughout the course of the year.

The training days will take place in London (venue tbc).

The Newday Internship course costs £500, which includes five days at Center Parcs, all your training days and socials. This fee is payable by the end of September 2019.

The programme

Autumn 2019
INDUCTION: Friday 6 - Saturday 7 September 2019
TEAM/TEACHING: Saturday 23 November 2019

Spring 2020
CENTER PARCS: Monday 6 - Friday 10 January 2020
YOUTH CULTURE: Saturday 8 February 2020
TEAM/TEACHING: Saturday 28 March 2020

Summer 2020
NEWDAY LEADERS' DAY: Saturday 16 May 2020
TEAM/TEACHING: Saturday 27 June 2020
NEWDAY 2019 (INCLUDING PRE-WEEK AND SET DOWN): Thursday 30 July - Monday 10 August 2020

How to apply

To register your interest in doing the Newday internship please complete the online form below and one of our team will be in touch shortly:

Click here to complete online form.

If you would simply like to talk more, please email

Cjp Newday Tuesday Late Eve 045 Copy