Sam & Becki Cox

Come Lord Jesus

Words & Music: Sam & Becki Cox, Chris Eaton

CCLI# 7064923

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Come Lord Jesus

Verse 1

GCome Lord JeG/Bsus Cin Your gloDry

GCome and fill Bmthis Cplace

GCome and have G/BYour Cway G/Bam - Cong Dus

EmAs we Dseek Your Cface

AmWhen we lay Em/Gour D/F#cares before GYou

AmMay our Em/Gstrivings D/F#cease

EmAs we worsDhip Cand G/Bad - Core DYou

EmLead us Dto Your Gpeace

Verse 2

GCome Lord JeG/Bsus Cmy redeeDmer

GBreathe on me BmaCnew

GSearch me, know G/Bme

CSavG/Biour Cmake Dme

EmMore and Dmore like Cyou

AmChanged from gloEm/Gry D/F#into gloGry

AmTill we’re Em/Gface to D/F#face 

EmRansomed, resDcued, Chealed G/Band ChoDly

EmBy Your Dsaving Ggrace

Verse 3

GCome Lord JeG/Bsus CKing of heaDven

GCome in viBmctoCry

GNow the darkG/Bness Cis G/Bde - CfeaDted

EmYou have Dset us Cfree

AmIt is fiEm/Gnished, D/F#death is beaten

AmLove has Em/GoverD/F#come

EmEvery tear Dwill Cturn G/Bto    CgladDness

EmEvery Dbattle Cwon   G/B

AmJoining with Gthe D/F#saints and angels

AmPraising GYou D/F#alone

EmThere we'll be Dwith CYou G/Bfor - CeDver

EmOur Deternal Ghome