Sam & Becki Cox


Words & Music: Sam & Becki Cox, Mark Tedder

CCLI# 7064924

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Verse 1

GThere is a God who has walked upon His Dearth

GThere is a kjing who would leave His throne and Dserve 

GThere is a friend with a love that calms our Bmfear

D/F#There is a Saviour, Gthere is a healer Dhere

Pre Chorus

With D/F#Jesus we have Grisen and in AHim we come to Bmlife 

In D/F#Jesus death is Gdead and we are Afree!


G EmmBmanuDel

G Our BmGod with Dus

GThe D/F#King who Bmgave His life is Ahere


GYou're Bmhere with Dus

GOur D/F#hearts will Bmhonour You with Apraise 

Verse 2

GWe are now loved with an everlasting Dlove

GWe are now free by His work upon the Dcross

GWe are not bound by a past that holds us Bmdown

D/F#We are forgiven Gwe have a future Dnow!