Simon Brading

Good Things

Words & Music: Anna & Simon Brading, Lewis Morgan & Nathan Fellingham

CCLI# 7068126

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Good Things

Verse 1

A/C#When I Dfeel like I’m falling

EI reF#mmind my heart how devoted You are

A/C#For Your Dkindness is calling 

With the F#mpromise You will do me good

Pre Chorus

There’s no Bmshadow in You, no F#mfault in Your love;

You've Dnever left my heart forF#msaken

And Bmall of Your plans are F#mwritten in love

They’re Dbetter than I’ll ever know


I'm believing You for Dgood things

You’re where the F#mgood things come from

I'm believing You for Dgood things

You’re where the F#mgood things come Efrom

Verse 2

A/C#You have Dwritten my story

EYou've filled the F#mpages up with mercy and love

A/C#So Dwhatever’s before me

Now my F#mheart can laugh at days to come


DI’m believing You for good things 

F#mI’m believing You for good

DI’m believing You for good things 

F#mGood things ELord