Sam Cox

I Am Blessed

Words & Music : Sam Cox, Matt Redman, Nick Herbert 

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I Am Blessed

Capo 4

Verse 1

Who am EmI that Dfaithfulness has Cfound G/Bme 

And Cbrought Dme Emsafe this Dsus4far?  D

I was Emlost, a Dstranger to Your CmerG/Bcy

An CunDdeEmserving Dsus4heart D 

CThat was then Dand this is now

EmYou’ve turned it all arDound


I am Gblessed, I am blessed

Oh Gsus4never let my Gheart forEmget

I  am blessed

I'm carried by Your faithfulCness

My healer and my DSaviour 

CI'll worship You forDever

Verse 2

Now I Emlive, with Dhope that won't be CshaG/Bken

For CYou Dhave Emchosen Dsus4me   D

Full of Emlife and Djoy that's never CenG/Bding

Your CbleDssing Emfollows Dsus4me   D  

CFrom the grave D and into life

EmYou turned it all arDound

Middle 8

CNow I'm giving You my Dlife

I'm G/Bgiving You my Call 

Because of all You've Ddone

BecG/Bause of who You Care

Now I'm giving You my Dlife

I'm G/Bgiving You my Call

Because of all You've Dsus4done   D

Because of who You Gare   Em   C