Simon Brading

You Never Change

Written by Simon & Anna Brading, Jotham Oakley

CCLI# 7068128

Copyright © Song Solutions & Freedom Sounds 2016

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Verse 1

There’s safety in Your Gname, comfort Emfor my Dsoul

If all around should Achange, Your characEmter is Bmsure

Fountain in the Gdrought, anchor Ain the Bmstorm

You’re Gwith me, AYou’re faithful, You’re Dgood

Verse 2

I have seen Your Gworks, the power Emof Your Dname

Teaching me Your Aheart, so I can Emtrust Your Bmways

Everytime I Gdare to trust in AYou Bmagain

You Gshow me, You’re Afaithful, You’re Dgood     


You never Gchange, You never Bmfaint, You never Afalter

You stay the Gsame, through every Bmdrought or rising Awaters

When I can't Gsee how to D/F#make it through

AI’m holding Bmon to who You Gare

My DGod, the same forAever

Verse  3

Where I don’t underGstand everyEmthing I Dsee

Your promises reAmain just as Emtrue for Bmme

All You’ve shown me Gonce, is who You’ll Aalways Bmbe

You’re Gconstant, You’re Afaithful, You’re Dgood 

So I Gchoose to belAieve You for Dgood


Steady my Gheart, steady my Dsoul

You are the  ALord, You are faithEmful

Steady my Gheart, steady my Dsoul

You are Agood