Newday feat. Sam Cox

Alive With Worship

CCLI# 7048165

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Verse 1

I’ve Emcome here today to Gworship again

‘Cause I Cknow that my Father’s Amhere, my Father

Has Emshown me a way, Gaway from the pain

Of the Csin that I’ve stumbled Amin 

Verse 2

You Emlift up my eyes, You Gshow me the scars

Where Your Clove paid everything, Ampaid for me

To Emlive with my God, no Glonger apart

For You Cbled, You died for Gme 


My Csoul is Galive with worship

I’m Dsinging again ‘cause my Emheart it overCflows

With the Glove and mercy of DYou my God

My Csoul is Galive with wonder

I’m Dwelcomed again before EmYou my Father

COh how I Glove to worship DYou my God 

Verse 3

I’m Emcovered and clean, forGgiven and freed

By the Cgrace that You stand me Amin, I’m standing

My Emfeet on a rock, my Gfuture in God

And my Csoul, You’ve counted Gfree

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