Newday feat. Simon Brading

Dance All Day (Live)

CCLI# 7048166

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Verse 1

DThere’s no better day to be living inA

DNow the price is paid for our salvAation

DLove has made a way on that wooden crossA/C#

DBreaking every sin that separated usA


I’m lDiving in the day of grace

FF#malling out of shame and into freedom

I’m stAaring at the cross amazed

In the wBmake of all You’ve done

So if it’s eDver time to celebrate

If it’s eF#mver time to dance like no one’s watching

We're lDiving in the promised days!

So let the pBmarty go on and on


DWe can dance, we can F#msing with You all night

ASo we’re celebrating EYou with our hands high

DYou bring the dF#mead to life

AYou bring the dEead to life

DWe can sing, we can sF#mhout ‘hallelujah!’

AIn the freedom that we’ve fEound in the Saviour

DYou make us cF#mome alive

AYou make us cEome alive

Verse 2

AIt’s the promised day we’ve been waiting forA  Bm

F#mGod is not constrained to clouds or templesF#m  D

ACurtain torn in two, Spirit breaking outA  Bm

F#mAnd the fire of God is burning in us nowF#m  D

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