Newday feat. Sam Cox

I Believe (Live)

CCLI# 7048168

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Verse 1

FEvery painful Gday I’ve Amknown

And G/Bevery Cdoor unoFpeCned

FYou’ve been working Gfor my Amgood

Your soG/Bvereign Chand will Flead Cme

Pre Chorus

EmEven Fthrough the Gdarkest Amnight

I G#dimknow You Amwon’t forFsake Cme

EmEven Fin the Gvalley Amlow

Your G#dimgoodness Amnever Ffails Cme


Csus4I beliG/Beve that FYou are GGod

When G/Ball C/EaroFund Amgives Gsus4way

Csus4I beliG/Beve that FYou are GGod

Your G/BgoodnC/Eess FnevAmer Gsus4fails

Verse 2

FHelp me now to Glift my Amhead

Through pG/Brayers that Cseem unaFnswCered

FI have seen Your fGaithfulnAmess

And YG/Bou have nCever fFailed Cme

Middle 8

C/EI will tFrust You Gand surrAmender

C/EYou are aFlways gGsus4ood G

C/EYou are pFerfect, GYou are faAmithful

C/EYou are aFlways gGsus4ood G

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